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Phone: (480) 470‑4700

A Warm and Inviting Environment for All Pets

At Trilogy Veterinary Medical Center, we take great care to provide a stress-free environment for all pets. From the lobby to the treatment areas, our hospital was designed to foster a sense of relaxation.

Trilogy Veterinary Hospital Provides a Stress-Free Environment

Common Area

Our hospital features high ceilings, and televisions featuring animal-focused television programs to create a home-like environment for both cats and dogs. All staff members have been specifically trained on how to help pets feel comfortable in a medical environment.

Dog Areas

We have multiple treatment areas, all located close to our veterinarians, that were created for canines specifically. Our kennels are warm, well-padded, and we have a designated outside dog relief area for hospitalized patients.

Cat Area

We have a designated cat room that was specially designed with felines in mind. This quiet room features large windows that allow our veterinary team to observe without disturbing its occupants.

Treating pets like family

At Trilogy Veterinary Medical Center, we work to ensure your pet has an excellent experience while under our care. Call us today at (480) 470-4700 to learn more about our stress-free hospital environment or to schedule an appointment.